DANISH COMPANY SINCE 1967 - T: +45 70208687 (09-15)
Smart-21s card printer incl. starter package 3.295,00 Danish kroner

Total solutions for plastic cards, production of plastic cards, card readers, key chip readers, programming devices for smart cards, accessories and much more.

Unique software solutions and special printers.

Plastic card
NORDANO is a Danish-owned company, and since 1967 has been at the forefront of development, delivery and support of solutions within our areas.
We have running salesmen and technicians, so contact us if you would like a visit from us.
We have our own import and development of solutions / equipment and deliver directly to business customers (B2B), organizations, associations, the public sector and etc.
Our products, services and accessories are used in many European countries.


NORDANO is the official distributor of, among other things:

IDP / Smart plastic card printers in Denmark, Norway, Finland and many other countries.